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28 April 2010

A sexual health clinic has come under fire from an HIV positive patient for failing to protect patient confidentiality.

The patient who attended the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, told the BBC, that he had experienced long waiting times, had difficulty in getting through to make appointments and that the clinic lost blood samples.

After requesting his notes, he was horrified to find that they also contained another patient’s blood test results.

This was a clear breach of patient confidentiality. He had attended the clinic since his diagnosis in 2005, but now flies to the Middlesbrough at his own cost, for his HIV care.

The hospital told the BBC that ‘every effort is made to maintain confidentiality when issuing results’.

Latest figures from Avert show that Northern Ireland had the largest proportional increase of HIV in the UK.

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  1. joe says:

    I was sorry to hear that this guy had a bad experience in the G.U.M/HIV clinic in the Royal Victoria Hospital, I have been visiting the RVH for a number of yrs and couldn’t ask for a better service from the staff. Waiting times without an appointment can be very long. However, I was shocked to hear that someone’s HIV confidentiality record’s were breached by files being sent to another person.

  2. Steve says:

    On my first visit to my current clinic I had to face down a very insistent member of staff who told me that the bag of drugs in front of me was my prescription, when I knew damn well it wasn’t. My partner said that he’d never seen me so rattled at a clinic appointment.

    Another time, some months after my partner had died, I had decided to take a treatment holiday as I didn’t feel I could manage anywhere near 95% adherence. That came to an end it turned out I also have diabetes and an HIV treatment plan (worked out by the same individual) had to be scrapped because it was based on someone else’s numbers. Personally I’d recommend everyone to check that their name is at the top of every relevant page…