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The weathermen said there would be thunder storms  but that wasn’t going to  put off  over 2000 Crusaid’s ‘walk for life’ walkers congregated on Potters Field Park and warming up for a 10K hike around the streets of London.

In fact the rain never came but the ‘Walk for Life’ 21st Birthday bash was showered with donations: achieving a staggering 250k according to Jordan Hay, CEO of Crusaid. Not bad considering the current  financial downturn.

Jordan told Positive Pulse: “Walk for life its important because it raises awareness of people living with HIV/Aids here in the UK and internationally. Basically HIV has gone off the government’s agenda and we need to do something to bring it back to the forefront, so that people know that it hasn’t gone away and something needs to be done about it.”

The day had a brilliant fancy dress theme and impressive line-up of acts including: The Feeling, musical impresarios 4 Poofs & A Piano Rachel Rabin and Shiikane, who sang their new single for charity “I Still Need U.” The proceeds of which will benefit Crusaid, Beat Bullying and Richard House Children Hospice.

Here are a few of the best outfits and highlights and I apologise in advance if you did not make the final edit, but it was very hard to choose. I was taken aback by the many smiling and happy faces that greeted me as you crossed the finishing line.

Anthony raised £1.300 walking for NAT with this amazing homage to  the late great Lee Bowery.

Deborah Jack CEO of NAT with Archie. The NAT team raised £20.000

“I think this walk is really important because on the way people stop and talk to you to ask, what it’s all about? and I think that too often HIV in never talked about. So it’s a great day, everyone is having fun and it actually gives us an opportunity to get HIV and the red ribbons really visible.” she said.

Allan & Angelina.  Positively UK raised £500

Angalina said “From service users point of view this is really great event because this is one way we can give back, and it’s fantastic to do it in such a fun way with family and friends. It doesn’t seem like a chore and it’s going to have such a brilliant impact on peoples lives, so fantastic.”

‘Mini Mouse Ru’ and friend Tessa raised £189

The ‘Jail House Sailors’ from Thames Valley Positive Support raised £100

‘Marie Antoinette and the dashing Dogtanyan’ raised £400.

‘Tutu to much’ English National Ballet’s gorgeous guys and girls raised £1.500

Kei’s crew raised £500

Mr ‘puss in boots’ raised £965

‘Wigs in Space’ and ‘Outlet’ raised £6.000

‘Da Flip Flops.’

The ‘Pro Jump’ jump team raised £600

The Topsy Foundation raised £3.500

Two handsome guys.

Another great look.

Dan Gillespie

Jordan Hay and Shiikane

4 Poofs & a Piano


4 Responses to “WALK FOR LIFE RAISES 250K”

  1. Paul says:

    Excellent day. Was a very hot “Puss in Boots” but would do it all over again for such an excellent cause. I also got to dance with the 2 cute guys albeit still in costume! WELL DONE to everyone who took part. x

  2. Jackie says:

    Nice piccies… loved the Lee Bowery lookylikey! …looks like a good day was had by all!

  3. Caped Crusaider says:

    SHAME OUT OF £1.6 MILLION RAISED IN 2008/9 only 39.9% went to people living with HIV/Aids Its a SCANDAL

    Crusaid offers funding to people living with HIV and suffering financial hardship. In 2008/9, it distributed £374,774 to 2,106 individuals. This was out of a total income of £1.6 million.

    The charity spends just 39.9 per cent of its total spending on charitable activities

  4. Wizard of Oz says:

    This year’s walk is on 5th June 2011. Visit for details